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Auto Insurance Quotes in Chicago for Risky Drivers

Different drivers have different driving records, which affect the auto insurance quotes in Chicago. This is because the nature of the driver would help the companies to decide on what amount they would charge as premium from the driver they are insuring. The drivers need to know about auto insurance quotes in Chicago for high-risk drivers because of certain reasons.

The auto insurance prices in Chicago for high-risk drivers are relatively higher and they depend on factors like the age of the driver. If the driver is too young the premiums of the auto insurance will be higher. This is because younger drivers are rash drivers and they are prone to accidents. This would lessen the amount to be paid for the insurance of the vehicle.

The marital status is also an important factor that would say whether a person could be a rash driver not drive. If the person is single he is more likely to be a risky driver. The auto insurance premiums, therefore, for single drivers are higher. Married people are charged comparatively less premiums.

The driving records of the driver and that of any other driver in his family, the area where he lives, whether it is a crowded area or a less crowded place, and the total distances he drives the vehicle are taken into consideration while the quotes are is given.

However, nothing can be guaranteed about how or when a person can become a risky driver. There are several cases of drivers being charged as DUI offenders. DUI offenders are dealt with quite strictly. Depending on the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of the driver, the penalties are given. The legal BAC limits in Illinois are as follows:

  • For drivers under the age of 21, the legal BAC limit is 0.02*.
  • For drivers above the age of 21, the legal back limit is 0.08*.
  • A commercial driver on duty cannot have a BAC more than 0.04*.

Also, one’s previous cases of incidents are taken into account. This says that the driver was driving under influence of either alcohol or drugs. This, no doubt, results in unwanted accidents and damages. For this purpose the auto insurance company insists high-risk drivers to get the SR-22 insurance. If a driver’s license gets suspended for driving under influence or speedy or reckless driving or multiple traffic violations within a short time span or failure to carry the auto insurance with him or having many accidents within a short period of time, it is the SR-22 insurance that helps the driver get back his driving license and get back to the road. The SR-22 insurance rates are pretty high but there are various companies in Chicago that can provide you the SR-22 insurance at an affordable rate.

However, for high risk drivers, discounts are provided when the vehicle the driver fixes airbags, anti-lock brakes and automatic seat belts to his car. Steering control is improved by the anti-lock brakes and this prevents accidents from happening.

Drivers can also get discounts if they show a record of no accidents within the past three years, anti-theft devices fixed in the vehicle, driver’s age being 50 or above. If the driver is a student with good grades, he is entitled to get a discount.

Get an auto insurance quote by entering the zip at the top of the page. The above-mentioned factors are certain measures that the state has taken to encourage safe driving and these are taken into consideration while you obtain your auto insurance in Chicago.