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Car Insurance Norms of Chicago DMV

There are certain norms set by Chicago’s Department of Motor Vehicles regarding car insurance to help the inhabitants of Chicago feel safe. These are made mandatory because if these aren’t made a part of the law, people usually tend to forget about getting their car insured and the absence of state control in car driving can lead to loss of numerous lives and properties.

The Chicago DMV has set a certain amounts under which a car owner must get is car insured. The car should be insured for a minimum amount of $15,000* in case the damage of another person’s property takes place by the policy holder’s care. In case of an injury or the death of a person, the car has to be insured under the amount of $20,000* and if it involves more than one person, the insurance amount should be $40,000*. If the car is not insured under these heads, the car owner is certainly not complying with the laws of the state. The norms set by it regarding car insurance also require that the driver has to carry the auto insurance proof with him in the car in case a law enforcement office wants to see it. At times, the Secretary of State’s office sends out letters at random, to car owners, asking for the verification of their current auto insurance status. In that case, you need to follow the steps and comply with the request of the state within 30 days.

The DMV of Chicago enforces the laws though a process where random questionnaires are sampled and through traffic tickets. The car owner is needed to provide the name of the insurance company and his policy number which will be cross-checked with the company named. In case the person fails to return the questionnaire or does not have his car insured, his license plate is suspended.

When stopped for violating traffic rules, the driver will be issued a traffic citation in case he is not able to produce the evidence of the car insurance. When faced with an accident, failure to show proof of car insurance will lead to suspension of the license plates with an additional fine of $500* for being an uninsured driver and $1000* if the driver has a previous case of insurance violation. The norms set by Chicago DMV regarding car insurance shows that insuring one’s car and keeping the policy card is of vital importance. The DMV has set a reinstatement fee of $100* and the latest evidence of insurance for the first time offenders. For repeat offender the reinstatement fee remains the same while the suspension period goes up to four months. The production of the recent insurance evidence remains mandatory.

The norms set by DMV regarding car insurance require every car being driven (cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and even recreational vehicles) to have liability insurance.
These measures taken by the Chicago DMV has made car driving a disciplined activity. People have learnt how to be careful while driving their cars on the road. Enter the zip at the top of this page and get a car insurance quote. Abiding by the laws does not take much time. It only takes a few thoughtful actions on the part of the inhabitants and Chicago DMV acts as the guide.