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Paperwork Behind Car Insurance in Chicago

Like any other official work, getting car insurance in Chicago too involves some paperwork that people should know about. Knowing about the paperwork can help tackle several situations that are associated with traffic incidents. The paperwork can help get the insurance amount and help save money. It is essential to get to know about the necessary paperwork as it involves the hard earned money of the policy holder. The policy holder pays his share of the premium but carelessness can cost him much.
There is the Exclusion Form that one has to fill up while he is purchasing the car insurance from a company. This Exclusion Form says that the other people of the policy holder’s household (one or more) will not drive the vehicle which is being insured. This even excludes the spouse of the policy holder but gives him/her the advantage of lowering the premium rates. This form is therefore essential to be filled up by the policy buyer.

The car insurance in Chicago also needs the policy to holder to fill up the Non-business Form. This Form states that the vehicle insured is not being used for any business purpose like delivery, artisan-type occupation, commercial or business. If someone having a business is purchasing a personal car insurance policy he will have to fill this form. The premium will be decided by the insurance company according to the information provided in this form.

But one should also know about how to file the car insurance claim. There are several information that the insurance holder is expected to provide when he is filing his insurance claim. The policy holder should have the correct policy number of his car insurance policy. This number is usually given on the insurance card. The other facts to be provided are related to the date and location of the accident and how the accident took place.

However, there are other forms that companies providing car insurance in Chicago require their insurance holders to fill up. There are forms for the drivers. Drivers are required to fill the form that will provide them with their driver’s license and ID cards. There are various forms meant for drivers of various kinds. Like, forms for drivers who are under 18 years or those who have completed a 50-hour practice session. Illinois follows the system of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL). This provides young drivers step by step driving privileges. More the behind the wheel experience they gather, more are the privileges. There are a set of rules that they have to abide by, however. There are driving contracts to be filled for teen parents. There are affidavits or consent needed for minors to drive the vehicle, for inability to surrender one’s drivers’ license, permit or ID card and also for the drivers’ identity declaration. There are forms for the Reinstatement Payment for the driver and also for emergency contact database. There is also an application form for the school bus driver. These forms filled up by the driver helps the insurance company to decide on vital issues about the insurance policy.

Apart from these, the car insurance that people can buy in Chicago requires the driver to have a SR-22 form filled under his name. When a driver is charged with DUI conviction, there are the SR-22 and FR-44 forms required to be filled up by the insurance holder to prove that policy holder has adequate financial responsibility. Under the SR-22 form, the insurance policy of the policy holder is kept active for a particular period of time. In other words, you can say the SR-22 form acts as proof of the car insurance that the driver has. There are traffic penalties that often require the accused to file a SR-22 form. They are meant for the driver driving under influence of some intoxication, or driving after having received a license suspension or are found driving without having car liability insurance. The details that are to be provided in the SR-22 form are the first and the last names of the driver, the street address, the license number of the driver, date of birth, the social security number, the number of the auto insurance policy, the making year and the model of the car that was driven and lastly the start as well as the end date of the car insurance coverage.

The car insurance that people can buy in Chicago also require their inhabitants to keep an accident report form filled in case the damage made to a vehicle exceeds $500*. The driver is advised to keep a copy of the SR-22 form in his personal records. It is also safe to keep this form either with the car insurance policy or with the car insurance card. As the SR-22 form is associated with high-risk insurance, all companies do not provide this coverage. The best thing about this form is that it also secures drivers and passengers in other cars. It also plays a role in saving property owners from suffering unnecessary loss in a car accident.

The above forms are therefore quite essential for the car insurance that people can buy in Chicago. The forms that comprise part of the paperwork of the car insurance in Chicago act as proof of the insurance that one can take advantage of during time of need. It is going against the rules if these forms are not filled up by the required person. This can result to severe penalty in the form of paying a heavy compensation amount from one’s own pocket.
Therefore, it is necessary that everyone having a car should know if they have already filled up any of these forms. The proper functioning of the car insurance in Chicago is based on these rules that require the above forms. It is because these forms contain the necessary information so that a suitable amount can be paid for the car which is being insured, the model, number and details of which is entered in the form.

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